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Account Manager for Macedonian Clients (21)
Медицинска сестра (9)
Возач (8)
Работник во производство (7)
Продавач (6)
Customer Care Agent (4)
Агент за продажба (4)
Архитект (4)
Келнер/ка (4)
Келнер/Шанкер (4)
Магационер (4)
Оператор (4)
Персонал за продажба (4)
Продавач/ка во малопродажен објект (4)
Професор по германски јазик (4)
Фармацевт (4)
Фармацевтски техничар (4)
Хигиеничар (4)
Административен работник (3)
Дистрибутер (3)
Комерцијалист (3)
Комерцијалист за продажба (3)
Машински инженер (3)
Монтер (3)
Наставник (3)
Професор по англиски јазик (3)
Референт за продажба (3)
Столар (3)
Стоматолошка сестра (3)
Хаусмајстор (3)
Шивач/ки (3)
Customer Support Specialist fluent in French (2)
Customer Support Specialist fluent in German (2)
Quality assurance (2)
Асистент за продажба (2)
Градежен техничар (2)
Доктор/ка (2)
Електро инженер (2)
Касиер/ка (2)
Книговодител-Сметководител (2)
Медицински техничар (2)
Наставен кадар (2)
Неговател/ка (2)
Општ работник (2)
Account Manager (1)
Accounting specialist (1)
Application System Analyst / Programmer (1)
Customer Service Representative (1)
Driver (1)
Full Stack Developer (1)
Internship (1)
IT support specialist (1)
Junior Developer (1)
Logistic Coordinators (1)
Medical Doctor (1)
Office Administrator (1)
Office Assistant (1)
PHP Senior Developer (1)
Project Manager (1)
Sales & Marketing representative (1)
Sales Assistant (1)
Senior software developer (1)
Агент за продажба и маркетинг (1)
Агроном (1)
Адвокат (1)
Асистент (1)
Биохемичар (1)
Бравар (1)
Водоинсталатер (1)
Воспитувач (1)
Главен сметководител (1)
Готвач (1)
Градежен инженер (1)
Графички дизајнер (1)
Деловен асистент (1)
Диспечер/ка (1)
Дистрибутер/Магационер (1)
Доставувач (1)
Електричар (1)
Електро инсталатер (1)
Заварувач (1)
Козметичар (1)
Козметичарка (1)
Комерцијалист на медицинска опрема (1)
Компјутерски техничар (1)
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Кројач (1)
Лаборант (1)
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Работник во печатница (1)
Работник/ци (1)
Раководител на технички преглед на возила (1)
Ракувач на градежна машина (1)
Ракувач на градежни машини (1)
Редар (1)
Сервисер (1)
Сменоводител (1)
Сметководител (1)
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Никој не може да прави добра работа во текот на работното време, кој прави погрешни работи надвор од работното време.
-William J.H. Boetcker
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Оглас Бр. 697672
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
Регион: Скопски,  
Објавен од: Најди Работа,
Објавувач: Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
Популарност на компанијата:
  Популарност на компанијата, оценета според гласовите на посетителите на сајтот.
Област: Администрација 
Работно Место: Logistic Coordinators 
Број на работни места: 5 
Тип на работно место (постојано времено): Времено 
Објавен на: 21/01/2020 
Краен рок за пријавување: 28/01/2020 
Оглас внесен на: 16/12/2019 
Емаил: Applicants.MK@ssc.mk 
URL: http://www.katoennatie.com/ 
Контакт телефон:  
Поштенски Фах:  
Адреса за апликација:  
Назнака (референца) на огласот:  
Договор во месеци:    
Почеток на работен однос:  
Должности: Нема информација,  
Потребни Квалификации: Requirements for candidates:
• You have a University Degree
• You possess excellent communication skills (written, spoken, listening) in English
• You have the ability to communicate efficiently with a variety of stakeholders
• You are an excellent problem solver capable of using own initiative, but nevertheless are a team player with a positive mindset
• Attention to detail is highly important
• Experience in customer service is a benefit
• You have the ability to work with deadlines, without losing the global overview
• You have good computer skills. Working with MS WORD, EXCEL is no issue
• You have experience in working with databases and therefor have analytical skills
• Training in Belgium for periods up to 2 weeks are no problem.

We offer you official employment in a fast growing company where your own creativity is very much appreciated and stimulated. A company with a no nonsense mentality where people make the differences for themselves, their colleagues, the customer and the company.
In case you get this job, training will be provided.
Standard working hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00 till 16:00 or from 09:00 till 17:00.

If you see yourself as a person who could be a valuable part of our team,
don’t hesitate to apply Applicants.MK@ssc.mk
(Application: Email CV with subject "Logistics Coordinator"). Please send us your CV in English.
Број на прегледи: 5224 

Целосен оглас:
Support and Solutions Center MK is a company who is working for large international
clients, providing services in the domain of administration (related to logistics,
technical administration), customer service, accountancy, IT, engineering,...

We are an administrative logistic center (not a Call Center!) who is working for large international clients, active in Iron & steel, paper, tires, overall general cargo, commodities (cacao and coffee),  wood and transport.

You will be a part of a team and will be responsible for providing correct and important logistic information towards these clients, in order to process the daily logistic flows all over the world.

This environment creates opportunities and job satisfaction, by fulfilling necessary information towards our own company subsidiaries abroad and by maintaining and optimizing international logistic flows from our clients.

Main tasks:
•    You will ensure that excellent levels of customer service and service delivery are maintained and exceeded.
•    You will fulfill the needs of our customers, by servicing our customers in daily, weekly or monthly information and data
•    You will process work instructions, containing all necessary information in order to fulfill administrative processes and management information related to our clients
•    You will have internal communication with subsidiaries from the company.
•    You will have communication with other customer service operators (written and by phone) in English on daily basis, in function of the specific needs
•    You monitor daily exceptional requirements provided by our subsidiaries and clients
•    We don’t need a programmer, but a person with a healthy curiosity of what is happening in our BU, being able to communicate fluidly with people all over the world. From a technical point of view, that person needs to:
•     Experience with MS office products

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— Вечер, 11.09.2007, број 13597
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