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Мислам дека можеби во секоја компанија денес има најмалку една личност која полека полудува
-Joseph Heller
Најпопуларни Огласи
Business analyst - system specialist
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
(3080 прегледи)
Специјалист за човечки ресурси
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
(2559 прегледи)
Software Tester
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
(2367 прегледи)
Svetilnik na nadez
(2104 прегледи)
Customer Service Representative
Оне Контакт
(2091 прегледи)
Customer Service Representative
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
(1804 прегледи)
IT support specialist
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
(1794 прегледи)
Human Resources Assistant
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
(1766 прегледи)
Customer Service Representative
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
(1665 прегледи)
глобал 1 логистика
(1444 прегледи)
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Оглас Бр. 710287
Оне Контакт
Регион: Цела Македонија,  
Објавен од: Најди Работа,
Објавувач: Оне Контакт
Популарност на компанијата:
  Популарност на компанијата, оценета според гласовите на посетителите на сајтот.
Област: - Нема информација 
Работно Место: Consultant 
Број на работни места: 0 
Тип на работно место (постојано времено): Постојано 
Објавен на: 14/03/2023 
Краен рок за пријавување: 14/04/2023 
Оглас внесен на: 12/09/2022 
Емаил: Нема информации 
URL: https://onecontact.com.mk/job/detail/remote-implem 
Контакт телефон:  
Поштенски Фах:  
Адреса за апликација: https://onecontact.com.mk/job/detail/remote-implementation-consultant 
Назнака (референца) на огласот:  
Договор во месеци:    
Почеток на работен однос:  
Должности: Нема информација,  
Потребни Квалификации: Job Requirements

3 to 5 years of direct customer-facing experience in a technical software support/implementation role.
Excellent communication skills to understand client needs and create appropriate documentation for the team to consume.
Bachelor's Degree or Diploma relevant to the information technology industry is preferred
Experience working with MS SQL and Oracle databases as well as writing queries to extract data.
Superior Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
Excellent consulting and business analysis skills.
Strong Software configuration skills with an ability to work with system logging to identify problems.
Prior experience implementing/testing configurable software solutions.
Superior command of written English with a demonstrated ability to produce quality documentation.
Understanding of all Windows Platforms including Windows 7, and Windows 10.
Experience with web-based service architecture. Virtual Machines, installation, and troubleshooting skills

Project Specific Details

Work with a team of Project Managers, Implementation Consultants, Developers
Work with a globally distributed team
Opportunity to work in cloud technologies and learn NoSQL DynamoDB

Home Office Setup

Solid internet connection
A quiet place to conduct remote meetings with the team
A laptop will be provided
Број на прегледи: 2316 

Целосен оглас:
As a Remote Implementation consultant, you will be helping our clients in business analysis, requirements gathering, configuration, testing, developing training materials and delivering training. You are an ambitious and driven individual who is a quick learner and a team player

Roles & Responsibilities

Working closely with the Customer, Project Manager, and Professional Services team to ensure that our solution is delivered and operational in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
Analyze and document in detail a customer's business requirements and understand their business processes.
Develop strong relationships with your clients and establish credibility and trust quickly.
Confidently communicate about the Software and the Project status to internal and external stakeholders.
Understanding how a customer's business rules will be addressed through different software configurations.
Work under minimal supervision and deal with multiple projects effectively and efficiently, meeting stringent timelines and changing priorities.
Using your strong leadership skills and the ability to think analytically and strategically to resolve problems.
Create training content and deliver training to the customers end users or subject matter experts.
Support customer testing activities; log and track customer issues and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.
Always looking for ways to make things better, faster, and more streamlined – both for customers and internally.
Supporting the building and continuous improvement of implementation templates and project artifacts that are critical to the Implementation Team.

What We Offer

Remote Work -Balkans and Brazil
Opportunity To Learn & Develop New Skills
Work with a collaborative & experienced leadership team that welcomes new ideas & encourages creativity and innovation
Generous Compensation based on Industry Standards + Benefits
Working Hours 9 AM - 5 PM EST

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Отворени работни места во ЕУ Мисијата во Република Македонија
Отворени работни позиции во UNDP Македонија
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