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Мерчендајзер (2)
Монтер (2)
ОПЕРАТОР ЗА КОНТРОЛА НА КВАЛИТЕТ (во автомобилска индустрија) (2)
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Оглас Бр. 711365
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
Регион: Скопски,  
Објавен од: Најди Работа,
Објавувач: Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
Популарност на компанијата:
  Популарност на компанијата, оценета според гласовите на посетителите на сајтот.
Област: Администрација 
Работно Место: Business administrator 
Број на работни места: 1 
Тип на работно место (постојано времено): Времено 
Објавен на: 27/01/2023 
Краен рок за пријавување: 03/02/2023 
Оглас внесен на: 18/01/2023 
Емаил: Applicants.MK@ssc.mk 
URL: http://www.indaver.ie/en/home/ 
Контакт телефон:  
Поштенски Фах:  
Адреса за апликација:  
Назнака (референца) на огласот:  
Договор во месеци:    
Почеток на работен однос:  
Должности: Нема информација,  
Потребни Квалификации: Candidate should have the following skills for this role

- Degree level qualification, preferably in a Business or Administration
-Three years’ experience in similar position of supporting a Project Development Specialist
-Advanced Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
-Profficient English essential
-Knowledge of Office 365 & Sharepoint an advantage
-Knowledge of Salesforce an advantage
-Attention to detail
-Excellent communication skills
-Ability to cope under pressure
-Customer Focus
-Team Player
-Customer oriented (internally/externally)
-Sharing knowledge
-Dealing with changes
-Demonstrating concern for people, safety and the environment
-Building relationships based on mutual trust
-Ensuring transparency in communications and actions
-Concentrating on achieving results
-Continuously improving

Our offer

The Business Development Administrator role is an exciting and challenging role within a further evolving industry, with a lot of responsibilities and room for development.
Competitive salary according to knowledge and experience.

Working hours
08:00 -16:00; 09:00-17:00 from Monday till Friday

If you see yourself as a person who could be a valuable part of our team,
don’t hesitate to apply Applicants.MK@ssc.mk
(Application: Email CV with subject “Business Development Administrator”). Please send us your CV in English.
Број на прегледи: 1040 

Целосен оглас:
Support and Solutions Center MK is a company who is working for large international
clients, providing services in the domain of administration (related to logistics,
technical administration), customer service, accountancy, IT, engineering,...

Overview of the role

The position is responsible for communication coordination, tender and planning administration in the business Business Development Team. The position will cover the following areas of business;
•    Supporting Energy from Waste projects in planning, tender and implementation
•    Coordinating communications and marketing activities associated with projects
•    Other Indaver Business Development Opportunities in the UK.

As a Business Development Administrator you will be:
•    Working within a team focused on business growth through the development of new infrastructure
•    Regular interaction with project team, international colleagues and external consultants and stakeholders
•    Works closely with the Business Development team of 4-6 colleagues

Function description

Responsibilities for the role in scope

-    Maintain Action Logs, Project Programme, presentations, agendas and any other project tools
-    Attending virtual meetings and taking notes/actions
-    Compile and maintain guidance documents and templates for Salesforce, tender management, Flexmail merges, consultant hourly rates etc.
-    Request PRQ’s, request service enties and pass to Accounts Department for payment
-    Maintain the budget and outlook spreadsheets
-    Monitoring SAP and querying incorrect entries/costs with finance
-    Maintain the system to ensure agreed cost sharing with clients is processed and invoiced as required.
-    Monitor all objections/third party submissions and consultations to and by the relevant agencies
-    Identify and share objections/consultations with relevant internal and external team members
-    Maintain planning/permitting tracker with consultation responses and objectors issues
-    Monitor, review and record all tender opportunities, add to tender log, share with Business Development team, monitor progress of tenders of interest
-    Maintain tender system guidance
-    Maintain the Salesforce database with tender information
-    Maintain the bespoke Local Authorities Map, Indaver Projects Map and Biomass Facilities Map
-    Maintain a record of waste arising’s key numbers and trends in the relevant markets
-    Liaise with communications consultants to produce project websites updates, social media content and press releases
-    Assist with developing publications such as information leaflets, community information etc.
-    Coordinates Salesforces/Flexmail direct marketing campaigns
-    Maintain Salesforce campaign lists
-    Manage direct communication activities though Flexmail
-       Organization for conferences
-    Preparation and ordering of marketing material, maintain the database of stock, identify and update team on events and networking opportunities received as alerts from specific trade associations and other websites
-    Preparation for commercial events for example, communications such as sending out e-zines, invitations and maintaining list of attendees

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