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Продавач/ка во малопродажен објект (4)
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Customer Service Representative (1)
Data Analyst (1)
Developers (1)
Digital Marketing Specialist (1)
Functional Support Analyst (1)
Head of Accounting (1)
Helpdesk Support Tech II (1)
IT Administrator (1)
IT Specialist (1)
IT support specialist (1)
MS Dynamics AX Solution Developer (1)
Quality assurance (1)
Senior Product Manager (1)
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-Joseph Heller
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Account Manager for Macedonian Clients
Kora Freight
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Accounting specialist
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Инова Л.Т.Д Златко ДООЕЛ увоз-извоз Скопје
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Оглас Бр. 713544
Регион: Битолски,  
Објавен од: Најди Работа,
Објавувач: Цилиндо
Популарност на компанијата:
  Популарност на компанијата, оценета според гласовите на посетителите на сајтот.
Област: Човечки ресурси 
Работно Место: HR SPECIALIST 
Број на работни места: 1 
Тип на работно место (постојано времено): Времено 
Објавен на: 04/11/2023 
Краен рок за пријавување: 20/11/2023 
Оглас внесен на: 03/11/2023 
Емаил: Нема информации 
URL: https://careers.chaos.com/ 
Контакт телефон:  
Поштенски Фах:  
Адреса за апликација: https://careers.chaos.com/o/workplace-experience-partner-3 
Назнака (референца) на огласот:  
Договор во месеци:    
Почеток на работен однос:  
Должности: Нема информација,  
Потребни Квалификации: • HR professional experience in a similar position.
• Knowledge of the current labor legislation.
• Strong planning and organizational skills.
• Thoroughness in work and attention to detail.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality of information.
• Excellent communication skills and courage to challenge the status quo.
• Higher education in the field of HR, Finance, Business Administration, or a related field.
• Excellent command of written and spoken English.
• Experience working with BambooHR or any similar HRIS system (optional).

What we offer:

• A relaxed yet driven company culture with a freedom under a responsibility mindset.
• Extensively growing global product company working with the largest retailers and brands in the world.
• Competitive compensation with benefits, and great company culture.

Working at Cylindo | Part of Chaos

We're a dedicated team of talented people supporting some of the largest furniture brands in the world and changing the e-commerce world one product page at a time. We consider ourselves the best at what we do. You only get there by attracting great talent, and we expect you to be of the same caliber. We offer a creative, informal work environment with attractive perks and attractive salaries. Learn more about us here: http://cylindo.com/about.

Cylindo | Part of Chaos is committed to workforce diversity and creating an inclusive working environment. We are an equal-opportunity employer and welcome all applications irrespective of social and cultural background, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or religious belief.

If you have the enthusiasm, and you think this could be the job for you, don’t hesitate to tell us about it - you may be the one we are looking for. Apply here: https://careers.chaos.com/o/workplace-experience-partner-3
Број на прегледи: 1775 

Целосен оглас:
**This position is based in Bitola, Macedonia (hybrid)**

Do you want to be a part of a fast-growing, globally leading software company that delivers turnkey 3D product visualization experiences?

At Cylindo | Part of Chaos, we're bringing 3D product visualization to global brands and retailers in a photorealistic and user-friendly manner. We have a rapidly expanding client base and an exciting product suite that includes 3D delivery automation, 360-degree product spins, Augmented Reality (AR), and much more.

Cylindo | Part of Chaos is looking for a Workplace Experience Partner who will contribute to employee engagement by driving smooth employee data collection, managing employee administration, ensuring HR systems compliance processes and making sure we offer the best-in-class employee experience. The role supports the People & Culture team with regards to all HR documents and company payroll, including tasks such as preparing payroll reports, updating personnel records, addressing employees' questions, etc.

Your responsibilities:

• Handle administrative tasks related to our employees (e.g., contracts, vacation requests, sick leave and medical documentation, payroll preparation, onboarding and offboarding of new employees).
• Support the onboarding and offboarding processes and communication within the office/teams.
• Facilitate and provide general support for all HR policies and procedures.
• Manage private health insurance, provide assistance with submitting requests, and ensure all office health and safety protocols are in place and up-to-date (including mandatory medical check-ups and health and safety training).
• Manage the HR tech stack with regular data updates.
• Manage office and kitchen supplies, as well as lunch service providers.
• Handle deliveries and packages to the office (post box, Customs Office, handling invoices with the Finance team).
• Organize and oversee daily operational office activities, including updating office policies and the security system.
• Manage events such as team events, social gatherings, and outings.
• Handle all day-to-day operational office tasks (space planning, arranging maintenance services, and ensuring excellent working conditions).
• Assist employees with travel arrangements if needed, using TravelPerk.
• Collaborate with Workplace Experience Partners in other countries to enhance the overall workplace experience.

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Агенција за Вработување на Република Македонија
Отворени работни места во ЕУ Мисијата во Република Македонија
Отворени работни позиции во UNDP Македонија
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