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Оглас Бр. 713589
Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
Регион: Скопски,  
Објавен од: Најди Работа,
Објавувач: Супорт & Солушонс центер МК
Популарност на компанијата:
  Популарност на компанијата, оценета според гласовите на посетителите на сајтот.
Област: Хемија 
Број на работни места: 0 
Тип на работно место (постојано времено): Времено 
Објавен на: 04/12/2023 
Краен рок за пријавување: 11/12/2023 
Оглас внесен на: 13/11/2023 
Емаил: Applicants.MK@ssc.mk  
URL: http://www.indaver.ie/en/home/  
Контакт телефон:  
Поштенски Фах:  
Адреса за апликација:  
Назнака (референца) на огласот:  
Договор во месеци:    
Почеток на работен однос:  
Должности: Нема информација,  
Потребни Квалификации: The candidate should have the following skills for this role

• Display a positive and pragmatic ability to deal with problems as they arise.
• Be able to influence their colleagues and stakeholders.
• Degree in chemistry or related field.
• DGSA qualification is desirable
• 1-2 years’ experience in the Transport of Dangerous Goods or in the waste sector is desirable but not essential.
• The role holder should have, or interested in learning: SAP, Excel and LIMS
• Desire to enhance knowledge through education, research, learnings from other regions, and grow within the company.
• Demonstrating concern for people, safety and the environment.
• Building relationships based on mutual trust.
• Ensuring transparency in communications and actions.
• Concentrating on achieving results.
• Continuously improving.
• Customer oriented (internally/externally).
• Ability to share knowledge, learning and experience.
• Dealing with change and promoting practical solutions to problems.
• Accuracy, Analytical Skills, Decisions Taking, Persistence and Flexibility
• Verbal & Written Communication skills in English.

If you see yourself as a person who could be a valuable part of our team,
don’t hesitate to apply Applicants.MK@ssc.mk
(Application: Email CV with subject “Technical Advisor”). Please send us your CV in English
Број на прегледи: 1158 

Целосен оглас:
Indaver is a reliable partner to both industry and public authorities for ecologically and economically responsible waste management.

We offer high-quality, safe and sustainable service provisions that we can tailor to our customers’ needs using our expertise in technology, the market and legislation. We can take charge of the entire waste management chain, from on-site recycling service provisions to final treatment. This saves customers time and worry.

In all of our activities we recover as many materials and as much energy as possible. In doing so Indaver wants to contribute to the transition to a circular economy that uses materials and energy more intelligently. Our society still considers waste to be a problem, but for Indaver it is an opportunity. As a supplier of high-quality raw materials and renewable energy we are a partner to public authorities, industry and society in this circular economy.

Over the years Indaver has become a European player, with facilities and operations at more than 30 locations in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, UK, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The Indaver Group manages around 5 million tonnes of waste every year, using the best available techniques for the treatment of this waste. Indaver employs worldwide approximately 1.700 people.

Overview of the role

To classify new waste in accordance with the appropriate transport, environmental and any other applicable regulations. To ensure waste shipments are carried out in compliance with the appropriate legislation.  To advise both internal and external customers on issues relating to classification, segregation, packaging, transport of waste and any other compliance related queries. To determine the required PPE for tasks involving chemical handling or potential chemical exposure and assist in chemical risk assessments related to handling and repacking of waste.

Function description

•    Classification of waste for Transport regulations
•    Assessment of new waste streams
•    Chemical Risk Assessment
•    Project work
•    Determine hazard class(es), UN number and packing group according to ADR / IMDG code
•    Assess most appropriate packaging method
•    Determine IMDG code segregation and any special requirements for transport
•    Facilitate the compliant transport of Dangerous Goods (including setting the tech mind-set in other departments)
•    Determine whether waste is hazardous or non-hazardous and applicable hazard properties
•    Determine the most appropriate code from the LoW
•    Assess the suitability of the waste for different treatment methods
•    Launch of Green Forms where valid
•    Assess the hazards of chemical agents in the workplace for operations, TWM and production teams
•    Assess likely exposure and potential routes of entry to hazardous substan
•    Assist in devising safe plans of action / method statements / risk assessments for chemical handling tasks
•    Assign most appropriate PPE to be used to carry out work safely
•    Do the Tech part of IPOF
•    Do the Tech part of Classification project
•    Support in initiatives raised by other areas, such as SRF management and waste acceptance

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